Recover Sbcglobal Hacked Password & Account by Customer Support team

Southwestern Bell Corp or SBC was formed as a holding company for Southwestern Bell Telephone in 1984 post the breakup of AT&T. By the mid-1990’s it became a national telecommunications company and renamed as SBC communications which have an email service arm called SBC Global. It was first released in 1882 as a subsidiary of AT&T and later on started working independently post 1984. Creating an email account with SBC is very easy. You need to type the URL “” in your browser tab, and press enter to load the page. Then click on sign up and follow the instructions to complete the process.

With the increasing number of cybercrime activities now days, keeping your email account secure and protected has become a matter of big concern. SBC global email users often complain about hacked password issue which mainly occurs due to the access to personal, sensitive or confidential data which are required at the time of sign up. Passwords are generally hacked by malicious objects such as spam, viruses, phishing, etc. which can enter into your email account through attachments, links, pictures and many more. Recovering your SbCglobal Hacked Password is a critical task which needs to be done as soon as possible to maintain the privacy of your personal information. Our experts are skilled enough to resolve this serious issue with 100% accuracy and within a short period.

Common reasons behind email password hacking problem:-

  • Unauthorized email attachments such as picture formats etc
  • Virus attacks
  • Phishing attacks
  • Spam emails
  • Junk mails
  • Keylogging

These malicious objects can attack your computer or mobile and enter into your email account resulting in a hacked password and many other errors. These errors result in causalities such as unwanted or obscene emails sent to your email contacts, or difficulty in logging in to your email account. Connect with us immediately by dialing [                        ] to reach our experts and avail instant solutions from them to recover your hacked SBC password.

How to recover your hacked Sbcglobal password?

  1. Visit SBC Global’s official URL
  2. Type your username and click on forget password
  3. You might be asked to answer a security question which you had mentioned during signing up into the email
  4. Type the correct answer and click on next
  5. You might be asked to receive a password recovery link on your alternate email id or as an SMS on your mobile number
  6. Choose the option you prefer and wait for the operator to send the link
  7. Click on the link and copy the temporary password from the link
  8. login to your SBC Global email with the new password and existing username
  9. Change the temporary password immediately after logging in to your email account

Still not able to recover your hacked password? Connect with us to avail thorough guidance.

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